Thursday, 10 January 2019

Over 50? Kick Start Your Social Life and Make Friends With Smile-Connect.Com

Kick start your social life with

As a new year dawns, people look forward to what 2019 will bring. This is the time to reinvigorate your social life and make friends with people who share your interests. - the Sussex social networking website for everyone aged over 50 can help.

Smile Connect has lots of members just like you, who want to form friendships with people they can practice their hobbies with. Whilst hobbies are fun, they're even better when you enjoy them with friends.

Visit and become a member for free, to see a list of people in your area who enjoy a variety of hobbies.  

When you see someone who enjoys the same pastimes as you, it's easy to connect with them. Adding them as a new Connection on the website, will invite the to become part of your new social network – all in just one click.

If you've just joined Smile Connect and don't feel ready to Connect straight away, you can send a virtual smile to show you have similar interests. They can send one back and a lifelong friendship could start right there.

Smile Connect has already helped lots of our members form new friendships and kick start their social life. Begin 2019 by joining them and become a member of for free.

Lonely and over 50? Join today and start connecting. 

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